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California Guitar Trio

Their performances astounding, and diversity unparalleled, these three revered musicians are not actually natives of the "Golden State." The California Guitar Trio (CGT) is Bert Lams from Belgium, Hideyo Moriya from Japan, and Paul Richards from Utah. Together, their technical wizardry is breathtaking, as is the wide range of instrumental music the group renders... everything from unique originals to dazzling, cleverly-arranged interpretations of jazz, classical music, and even surf rock.

Since their inception in 1991, the Trio has released 14 CDs: nine studio albums (including a Christmas record), three live releases (including An Opening Act from their 1995 worldwide tour with King Crimson), and two compilations. On screen, CGT can be seen in documentary Following the Music: On The Road w/ California Guitar Trio (©2004 Stone Chapel Films) and the new Hi-Def multi-camera shoot of an intimate house concert in 2009. In October 2010, the California Guitar Trio released Andromeda, an entirely new all-original album nearly three years in the making. It was named Best Instrumental Album that year by the Indie Acoustic Project.

CGT's recent studio & stage collaborations with bassist Tony Levin and guitarist Fareed Haque (who both appear on CGT's 2012 all-classical release Masterworks), drummer Paul Mastelotto, as well as Montreal Guitar Trio (2011 live release), have renewed demand for North American touring and widened the scope of the band's extensive repertoire and educational outreach.

performance Formats
Standard performance consists of trio with acoustic guitars.
Available to package with various artists including Montreal Guitar Trio, or Tony Levin, or as special guest with local symphony orchestra.
Summer Festivals and Winter Festivals (with holiday/instrumental program).
Workshops and master classes.
Corporate & private events.
About Us
"Pioneers of the New Acoustic Age...Worlds Best Acoustic Band" ~Guitar Shop Magazine
"Winning, energetic and highly accessible..." ~Los Angeles Times
"Surging forward with North African rhythms, blues, folksy Americana style musings and much more, it's not all about technical veracity as the musicians' astonishing synergy and overall sense of purpose serves as the core paradigm for this super-fine effort." ~Downbeat
"How refreshing---here's a modern, highly-listenable progressive rock effort with a disproportionate amount of acoustic instrumentation that's anchored by solid and dedicated musicianship...and there ain't a hint of the pretentiousness that is almost invariably found within the genre." ~Vintage Guitar Magazine
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25-July-2013 — The Juried Showcase Committee for the 2013 Performing Arts Exchange has selected the combined new 'phenomensemble' of California Guitar Trio and Montreal Guitar Trio to perform at the annual booking conference. TUESDAY SEPT 24, 2013 at 7:45pm ~ Polk Theater, Nashville. The group also recently showcased at the 2012 Northwest Booking Conference and twice in New York City for the annual Arts Presenters conference. Come to PAE
CONCERT REVIEW: Phelps Stokes Auditorium, Berea, Kentucky, 9/13/2012 :
14-Sep-2012 — "[CGT] ran the show with extraordinary technical command that was balanced by a thoroughly unassuming stage demeanor." Read the full review at The Musical Box by Walter Tunis
21-Dec-2011 — CGT's new "All Classical" album¬†entitled Masterworks is available on CD and MP3 download. The album contains several brand new arrangements, previously unreleased versions of CGT classics, and special guests Tony Levin and Fareed Haque. More info
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