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The Four Bitchin' Babes®

The Four Bitchin' Babes are an original "Babes Brand" of musical theater with a 25 year career on-stage and in-studio, releasing multiple recordings and a full length DVD. These four accomplished and seasoned musician-actress comediennes come together taking turns in the spotlight and filling it with whimsical songs and shtick, presenting the hippest and most luxurious girl group harmonies "evah!" Playing their own guitars, bass, piano, Irish Bodhran, and mandolin, this hilarious renegade sorority of gal pals use their elegant wit, sophisticated (never blue) stand-up humor, to create an amazing evening of Cabaret/Broadway 'esque original songs. Now touring with FIVE hilarious shows...

Hormonal Imbalance v2.5 ...The Estrogen Fueled Fun Continues!
With the advent of social media, a discography of ten recorded projects, and a desire to celebrate their wildly successful touring escapades over the past two and a-half decades, this 'Fabulous Female Folkestra' will be shining the spotlight back over 25 years of their most requested hit songs. It's this enormous repertoire that has made THE BABES the venerable "original girls night out" tour-de-force musical comedy theatre hit that they are today!

Jingle Babes! ...Decking the Halls with Songs and Folly™
It's a crazy-making time of year and yet we love it! Join the Four Bitchin' Babes as they deck the concert hall with songs and folly. Sharing musical traditions, shtick and stories of friends and family, malls and mayhem, and ultimately the joy that lies within it all. Early reviews are in, and atop the Nicest of Nice lists! "We laughed our antlers off!" ~ Donner & Blitzen.

Hormonal Imbalance ...A Mood Swinging Musical Revue™
A "Meet The Babes Primer" show that focuses on the insanity of either being female or knowing a female! From school days to…well… being older than that, this revue humorously examines the joys and confusion of balancing life in the girl lane that’s one part comedy road show, one part celebration of hearth and home!

Diva Nation ...Where Music, Laughter, and Girlfriends Reign™
A sequel of sorts that’s not just a musical revue but a state of mind! The Babes let loose on how the new millennium has, in some cases literally, changed the face of The Diva! Experience a place where chocolate is a vegetable, wine is in the food pyramid, shopping for shoes is medicinal, and a girl can safely admit that she wears 100% cotton underneath is all!

Mid Life Vices ...A Guilt Free Musical Revue™
The trilogy is complete in this celebration of "Whine Women and Song!" Mid Life Vices hysterically journals the lives of this Baby Boomer generation. In Babe fashion, the girls use their musical wacky viewfinder to honor the quirks and habits of men and women who (like the Babes) refuse to act their age! Neener, neener, neener in stunning 4-part harmony!!!

performance Formats
Standard performance consists of four thrilling and beautiful crazy ladies goofing off and singing like you wouldn't believe. Dressed nice of course.
For those hard to reach areas where the "Bitchin'" word is a problem, choose alternate program materials supplied with just show titles (i.e. Hormonal Imbalance...A Mood Swinging Musical Revue! or Diva Nation…Where Music, Laughter, and Girlfriends Reign!™ etcetera, etcetera.) Contact SRO for more information.
Corporate & private events. (The Babes have enjoyed doing such corporate gatherings like: THE E WOMEN'S NETWORK [Texas] and THE AMERICAN BUSINESS WOMEN’S ASSOCIATION ANNUAL MEETING).
About Us
"Together they tell humorously observant tales of modern urban life, and harmonize like a heavenly chorus." ~The Chicago Tribune
"Traveling Oprah Winfreys!" ~Boston Globe
"The BABES stir the heart as well as the funny bone." ~Billboard
"A stellar group of contemporary artists who swim the emotional river with humor and poignancy." ~The Los Angeles View
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3-Dec-2014 — The Four Bitchin' Babes will be touring their show, "Jingle Babes", this December for the holidays! Here's a great preview of the show from (they will be performing at Symphony Hall, Springfield on December 12): Read preview
28-Apr-2014 — To honor their wildly successful touring escapades over the past two and a-half decades, THE BABES, have decided to become their own tribute band by shining the spotlight back over 25 years of their most requested HIT songs. Nancy Moran steps back in to join Sally Fingerett, Debi Smith and Deirdre Flint for a love-fest-look-back over the astounding catalogue of songs that celebrate all the roles that women play in this new world. Now booking through 2015/16 season. Make an Offer
The fabulous faces of the Babes have landed on the cover of... (wait for it...) "Women In Business" the magazine for the American Women's Business Association. The organization also sponsors the National Women's Leadership Conference where the Babes performed this past October. Read feature
Deirdre-Babe's "Boob Fairy" was featured music selection on FX's Nip/Tuck "Jenny Juggs" episode that first aired on November 4th, 2009. Says Deirdre, "This kind of exposure is so exciting...we're so proud we could BUST!"
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