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La Guitara

In a ground breaking performance of  women guitarists La Guitara explores the contribution of women to the evolution of modern guitar. Brain-child of Patty Larkin, this highly anticipated tour coincides with a compilation CD, Gender Bending Strings, featuring 14 female guitarists of varied genres (Vanguard Records). Partial proceeds will benefit music education.

"The goal of La Guitara is to better define the contribution of women to the history of modern guitar," explains Ms. Larkin."I have been asked repeatedly, Why are there no great female guitar players? The answer is, There are. Demographics are changing as young girls and women take up the instrument with increasing dedication and commitment to technique and repertoire. It is my belief that women guitarists of the past played a part in the evolution of the instrument and that their story is largely untold. I also believe that there are women guitarists today who are actively changing our preconceptions about gender and guitar heroes. This project is dedicated to these artists, past and present, waiting to be discovered, needing to be heard."

CD Artists: Wu Man, Sharon Isbin, Patty Larkin, Memphis Minnie, Mimi Fox, Kaki King, Ellen McIlwaine, Badi Assad, Alex Houghton, Vicki Genfan, Muriel Anderson, Rory Block, Jennifer Batten, Elizabeth Cotten.

Touring Artists: April 2011 w/ Patty Larkin, Muriel Anderson and Vicki Genfan or Rory Block. March 2007 w/ Patty Larkin, Badi Assad, and Ellen McIlwaine; March 2006 w/ Patty Larkin, Sharon Isbin and Kaki King; November 2005 CD-Release w/ Patty Larkin, Kaki King, Muriel Anderson and Mimi Fox.

performance Formats
1. Standard performance includes solo and group performances from several of today's best female singer/songwriter guitarists. Artists may include Patty Larkin w/ Kaki King and/or Sharon Isbin and/or others TBD.
About Us
"Guitar Goddesses. Patty Larkin brings together some of the best women players in the world.”
- Boston Globe
" La Guitara successfully delivers the wide spectrum of great female players on a well-crafted silver platter." - Vintage Guitar
" …a voyage through guitar virtuosity." Utne
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